is a comprehensive wine guide for the modern wine drinker

TASTE is a comprehensive wine guide for the modern wine drinker, aimed to enhance understanding of the fundamentals of wine production, wine making, wine tasting, wine and food pairing, and much more.


Growing grapes and making seductive wine

Our River Road-Carmel by the Sea tour offers you an extraordinary view of the vineyards of Salinas Valley (River Road). This is a charming and relaxing area where you’ll be able to taste some great wines from the well-known region of Santa Lucia Highlands with amazing views of the vineyards. Afterward, we go to have lunch and continue the tasting experience in one of the most romantic and charming towns in the coast of California, Carmel by the Sea.

On average we visit 4 wineries and/or tasting rooms, sometimes more.

Growing grapes and making seductive wine

Here you’ll find the necessary steps to understand how the aromas develop in wine. You’ll learn tasting techniques among other useful information in regards to discovering and training your own inner power in ability of tasting.

On average we visit 4 wineries and/or tasting rooms, sometimes more.

Some descriptions of classic world varieties

In this section you’ll discover the classical grapes varieties used in wine their general taste profile, as well their origin and which countries are the major producers of these wines, around the world.

Tools for serving and enjoying wine

Here you’ll find the most relevant information in regards to serving wine at the correct temperature, when and why to decant a wine, storage information, and important tips of tasting room etiquette. You’ll be ready for any tasting room experience after this section!

Enhancing our appreciation of wine and food

This section is particularly fun for me because I cook regularly and people are always intrigued about how to pair wine with food. In this section, I reveal the fundamentals you need and want to know so pairing wine with your favorite meal can became very easy and fun.



I found Pablo Antinao's book "Taste: The Secrets of Wine and Food Appreciation" to be a rare combination. On one hand, it was highly informative, with several important scientific terms defined and then used in context. What added to the enjoyment of reading the book was that it applied these topics to our daily lives, while including appropriate illustrations and maps and Pablo's sense of humor. I "devoured" the book in one day, but will be rereading it and referencing it in the future. It is useful for those with a good deal of knowledge about wine, while also making wine accessible to novices. From the wine-making process, to engaging all of the senses for deeper enjoyment and appreciation of the wine, to descriptions of varietals, and beyond, a thoroughly engaging read that I could not put down. It made me look forward even more to picking up a glass or two that evening.

Perfect Introduction
to Wine

I relatively new to the world of wine, but, as I am sure happened with many of you, I became quickly captivated by all it had to offer, but also overwhelmed by the amount of information. I did not know where to start. Then I met Pablo, and he told me about this book. This book does a great job at condensing information and conveying the main ideas about many different aspects of the world of wine, including factors that make good wine, different growing regions around the world, how to decipher a wine label, and a whole section about food and wine pairing. This was really a great introduction for me into the world of wine, and gave me many jumping off points to continue my education. Definitely a must-read for anyone who wants to learn a bit more about wine!


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