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Our company provides personal and professional guided tours to Monterey County wine regions, Paso Robles and international wine and coffee tours to Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Colombia. Whether you are a collector or on your first visit, we specialize in boutique venues and wineries that you won’t find on most tours. Vino Wine Tours Stand for exceptional service, attention to detail, strict privacy and quality assurance.  Join the adventure!


Pablo Antinao

Hi my name is Pablo Antinao. I graduated with honors in Social Work and shortly thereafter, I discovered my true passion was in wine and food. I began my career in the restaurant business working at Hotel Del Lago, a five-star hotel and restaurant in Chile. Soon after, I began managing bars and teaching private bartending classes.

My interest in world cuisine and culture led me to travel not only in the wine Regions of Chile, but also to Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, and eventually to the United States, leading me to settle in California in 2004. Once in California, I wasn’t really sure what to do; I worked in physical therapy for a few years just by casualty.

A friend of mine invited me to a party so I made homemade empanadas and it just so happened that the owner of the physical therapy practice was at the party and ended up loving my empanadas and offered me my first job in the States. I worked in physical therapy for 3 years, mostly in nursing homes with seniors. After that great experience I decided to use my degree in Social Services so I worked in a foster care agency for a little over a year, working with youth in social risk. After that I worked shortly in mental health with youth with emotional issues. Certainly a fulfilling experience but I knew that wine was my calling, so I took the chance to pursue it. After taking a course at UC Davis in winemaking and viticulture, I moved to Napa Valley to study at the Culinary Institute of America where I became certified as a wine professional by the CIA. After that I decided to move to Spain and became a certified sommelier in 2008. I obtained my sommelier certificate from the Spanish Academy of Sommeliers in Barcelona, Spain.

Since then I have been working in different faces of the wine industry, as a sommelier, in sales, marketing, management and wine education. In 2016 I opened Bakai Wine Bar + Tapas in downtown Monterey. It was a great experience that helped urge my love for travel and education so in 2017 after more then 5 years of writing and working on my own book, I finally published my first book: TASTE; a comprehensive wine guide for the modern wine drinker. The book was aimed to enhance understanding of the fundamentals of wine production, wine making, wine tasting, and wine and food pairing.

I currently do wine tours showcasing different wine regions of California, so I would like to extend an invitation to you to join me in discovering those producers and wineries that produce honest, simple, complex, and delicious wines.